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CELT Trainees' Testimonials

It is a very good course and you do learn a lot. You must have a good work ethic to get through. There is a practical element and you learn the most from the teaching practice. You will learn about English language theory in-depth and you may not have time to take it all in, so don’t worry. Do your best and you’ll get through it. It is worth it!

Martha Gberevbie

( CELT May 2016 )

The CELT course at Atlas was one of the best educational experiences I have ever experienced. The staff at Atlas were so welcoming, friendly and helpful. It is a great way of moulding you to become a good teacher. Our instructors made the experience interesting and fun. Not only are they knowledgeable but it is evident they care a lot about their trainees.

Niamh Costello

( CELT May 2016 )

Having scoured the internet for information regarding the better-known CELTA course, I came across forums, blogs and advertisements about the cheaper CELT course. Money was a big factor when deciding whether to do CELT or CELTA and the CELT being around 500 Euros cheaper made all the difference. The course was just as intensive as I had read online and it will literally take over your life for 4 weeks. However, thanks to the incredible support that I received from Atlas and my trainers, nothing in the course ever felt beyond me and it was always just a matter of planning my time carefully and being willing to work hard and make sacrifices for those 4 weeks. Overall, my experience on the CELT course was both challenging and rewarding. At times the intensity can feel overwhelming, but if you stick at it you will find it to be a great learning experience that will have you fully prepared to start (or continue) your career as a teacher.

William Toner

( CELT May 2016 )

I felt the J-TEFL course at Atlas Language School was great! I learned so much about the English Language. The trainers were great, very helpful and professional as well as friendly. I would recommend this course to all my colleagues. Great thing to do to get an extra qualification and work for the summer.

Sarah Berry

( J-TELF June 2016 )

I would highly recommend the J-TEFL course at Atlas Language School, very good staff in a very friendly environment.

Mari McBride

( J-TELF June 2016 )

Thank you very much for this course. It was fun, informative, and relevant to what I will be teaching. I was nervous but now I’m ready to teach English.

Thomas Molloy

( J-TELF June 2016 )

Atlas Language School is well organized and has created a very good J-Tefl course. I really feel like I have learned a lot about language teaching and grammar. I would highly recommend this course to any teacher interested in becoming an English language teacher.

Christopher Kearney

( J-TELF June 2016 )

The price and the one-week duration was the initial pull, definitely keep this, as it is the most competitive course. The trainers made the incredibly heavy course enjoyable and got us through the week.

Christopher Newman

( J-TELF June 2016 )

The CELT course is a great way to lay the foundations for your ELT teaching career. The teaching practice really sets you up to become a teacher. Going from no previous experience of teaching to teaching six classes and then getting a job is a great success. This course really builds your general confidence.

Niamh Dunne

( CELT June 2015 )

A few of the most demanding weeks in my life, but also the most rewarding. The course does take a lot out of you, but leaves you a better person for it. It was a course on not only teaching English as a second language, but on humility, self-assessment, and resilience. I honestly didn’t think that a four-week course would make me confident of my skills as a teacher and I’m happy to have been proved wrong.

Francisco De Paula

( CELT June 2015 )

I’m amazed and delighted at how much I’ve learned in four weeks. Teaching an actual EFL class on your second day is a bit daunting at first but seeing yourself progress so quickly through experience is amazing. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching EFL.

Darcy Donnellan

( CELT June 2015 )

My experience of the CELT course has been an overall positive one. I had a great time doing the course. The staff and facilities are excellent. The course itself is engaging and challenging. The teaching practice is a great eye opener and introduction into the world of teaching. It is also a great way to test the knowledge that was learned on the course. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering becoming an English teacher.

Tadhg MacHugh

( CELT April 2015 )

The CELT at Atlas is a well-devised, comprehensive part or full-time course with integrated teaching practice sessions, wonderful tutors, and an excellent support system for trainees. I enjoyed and benefited from it immensely and would strongly advise anyone intending to pursue a qualification in ELT to apply to Atlas.

Aoife McGrane

( CELT April 2015 )

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing the CELT course at Atlas. It has been hard work and stressful at times but the support given is plentiful. I have made great friends due to intimate input sessions, which were an ideal way of learning. If you put in the work and get involved, the CELT course will be an experience you will never forget.

Rory McGillycuddy

( CELT April 2015 )

Why did I decide to do the CELT? Well, people have always told me that I have a knack for talking to people and building a rapport. However, I needed more knowledge and teaching skills to become a teacher. The CELT at Atlas provided this in abundance. The staff could not have been friendlier, the location could not have been better and trainers could not have done a better job.

Daniel Duff

( CELT April 2015 )